We have a passion for programming.

Software Creation

We create software according to the EXtreme Programming software development methodology using different tools depending on your requirements. Our team members have multi disciplined skills and work closely together in pairs when needed. To speed up the process of creation whe use mockup tools and data. Unit testing is standard during the development phase.

Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a hot conversation topic. Analysts call it a disruptive technology. Competing standards and technologies are appearing daily, and there are no tangible signs of a single protocol that will enable all devices, services, and applications to talk to each other seamlessly. Fortunately, there’s a great universal IoT application platform available now: the World Wide Web. We use Web standards and tools to provide the ideal substrate for connected devices and applications to exchange data, and this vision is called the Web of Things.


We provide consultancy advice and manage key projects for MKB organisations. Our strengths lie in our independent thinking, our ability to make ideas happen and to successfully manage the implementation of our client's strategies. Risk assessment and management is integral to everything we do: where appropriate, we share risk with our clients. We are regularly engaged in not-for-profit areas.

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